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Earthathon 2015 – Exciting News

EARTHATHON 2015: 10 teams will be running in a 25,000-mile Earthathon Relay all around the earth and they will combine to complete a 250,000-mile relay consisting of running, hiking, jogging and walking.

Some interesting #earthathon stats for you to consider:

1 #earthathon lap is 25,000-miles and is approximately the circumference of the earth
10 #earthathon laps is 250,000-miles and is approximately the distance to the moon (a new hashtag #moonathon has been mentioned)

So while we are running this epic relay race, with 10 teams running all around the globe, we will combine our efforts so that everyone wins! Remember… One Team, One Planet. After a team finishes, they help other teams finish, and then when the final team crosses the line, we all will celebrate finishing one big relay!

We are planning the race now. There is a 5 step plan…

Step 1: 10 Team captains will be selected <---DONE Step 2: Team captains will select team names <---DONE Step 3: Team captains will invite 4 runners to join them, to help motivate, inspire and run, these 5 will lead the team <---IN PROGRESS Step 4: All other runners will pick a team, and we will tweet #earthathon and a second hashtag of the #teamname after each leg of the relay <---JOIN A TEAM NOW

Step 5: As new runners join the relay they will pick a team or say “add me to a team where I am needed most” to balance out the teams

And that’s the plan to launch the Earthathon Relay for 2015!!! Stay tuned for updates. We hope to create a fun and positive atmosphere that encourages, motivates and inspires people to stay active throughout the coming year. Make your new year’s resolution to be a part of this amazing team.

Go Team Earthathon!!! Go Run :)