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Everything Changes 12-13-14

As you know there are hundreds of runners participating in the #earthathon running relay, and if you thought there was some huge company with lots of dollars at their disposal to build expensive apps and fancy software, well you’d be wrong. It’s just me, Go Run :)

I have put in a ton of effort into this #earthathon relay and I plan to continue to do so. But I NEED your help.

I am having difficulty keeping up with entering in all of your running. I have been diligently entering all of your running stats into a Google Spreadsheet using a Google Form. But now I need you to do it.

I said “Everything Changes 12-13-14” because on Saturday, December 13, 2014, I will REQUIRE that you post your #earthathon running distance into this Google Form or it will not get counted. If you are anxious to start, please go ahead and start using this Google Form now. Any run already posted today or prior to today, 12-4-14, I may have already entered or will pick up soon, so don’t go backward, go forward. And if you do try the form, that would be great, and let me know your feedback in advance of the full 12-13-14 launch.

It is actually a very simple form to use. If you make a mistake, don’t worry, I can fix it, just let me know. The form is available at earthathonrelay.com/run and you will need a secret code. I pass protected the form to hopefully prevent it from being hacked and throwing off our stats. The secret code is all lower case, it is “___”. It’s a three letter word and is at a little faster pace than a jog. Next time you are out for a run think about it and I am sure you will guess it. Good luck figuring it out on your next run. If for some reason the pass code needs to change (hopefully it won’t), I will post a picture of the word to the twitter Photos on @earthathon. I’ll post the current three letter word pass code there too, just in case you haven’t guessed it yet. If you scroll down, its also written secretly on an image on this post. Please feel free to tell people where to look for this password, but don’t share it with any robots, spambots, or hackers as it may compromise the security of our running data.

If for some reason you are unable to submit your running using this form (ie no internet, travelling, browser glitch, etc.), just tweet your run to #earthathon and ask someone else to post it for you. There are a lot of helpful people on our team, and I can almost guarantee you that someone will help you. I know I’d be happy to help. But anyone on the team can easily “step up” and reply letting you know they will take care of it for you. If you guys can help me with this, it will save me so much time and I will really appreciate it.

We will continue to tweet our running to #earthathon. This is very important in my opinion. It keeps you and your running efforts “visible” to our #earthathon running community. And new runners will be encouraged to join simply by tweeting in their running distance in miles or km to #earthathon. I will communicate with new runners how to enter future running using the Google Form.

Hopefully this Google Form idea will work, because I am also planning for a second #earthathon relay where we will race in teams and we will need to use a similar form. If you haven’t heard about this 2nd relay “race” yet, please read about it HERE.

Have a great day!!!

Go Run :)