Q: Do I need a twitter account to participate?
A: You can participate without a twitter account, but it is highly recommended that you have a twitter account in order to join in on the support, motivation and team conversations that take place on twitter. The only other alternative at this time is Facebook. If you have a Facebook account and for whatever reason do not want to join twitter (a free service), you may sign-up using special instructions found HERE.

Q: How do I join a team?
A: There is a form on this page. earthathonrelay.com/team-sign-up

Q: How do I post my running?
A: Just post your run by clicking here—> earthathonrelay.com/run AND WHEN IT ASKS ENTER “run”. You will use your twitter username on that page. And when you tweet your distance in miles or km along with the hashtag #earthathon, please let your team know you are NEW to the relay by saying “this is my 1st run for #teamname in the #earthathon” or something like that. Be creative.

Q: What if my leg of the relay is posted incorrectly?
A: No big deal, just send a tweet or direct message to @earthathon with info necessary to correct it. It is now possible to input negative distances, for example -5 miles or -10 km. Please try to correct any errors yourself using negative miles first before asking for help.

Q: Do I need to run more than 1 leg of the race?
A: Nope. You can be an “Earthathoner” by entering just one leg.

Q: Is there a minimum distance?
A: Nope. But we recommend a minimum of 0.1-miles, since the distances are rounded to the nearest 0.1-miles.

Q: How can a guest be included in Earthathon without their own twitter account?
A: Any guest supporting an “Earthathoner” can be allowed up to 1-mile per day. This can include kids, pets, etc. (ie. “Loki the Dog” was our first canine participant) Please email admin@earthathonrelay.com with the name of your guest runner and we will do our best to provide you with instructions to allow this guest to participate.

Q: Can I get involved with the race and remain anonymous?
A: Sure. Just create an anonymous twitter account.

Q: What happens when we finish running the 25,000-miles?
A: I think the answer is obvious. We take a victory lap :) And you can learn more here Earthathon News

Q: Will there be another EARTHATHON RELAY after this one?
A: Hope so. Keep an eye out here for the most recent information…Earthathon News

Q: Why are individual statistics kept?
A: At the end of the race you will be be able to see your contribution to the relay, in total miles and percent of the earth that you ran individually. There will also be virtual medals for participants.

Q: How do I earn an #earthathon medal?
A: Participant earn the earthathon, bronze, silver and gold medals by running at least 26.2, 131, 262, or 524 miles, respectively. If the relay grows too fast for this number of miles to be reached, a minimum of 5 gold medals, 10 silver medals, and 15 bronze medals will be awarded based upon the individual mileage leader rankings.

Q: Can I walk and contribute my mileage to #earthathon?
A: Yes, you can walk, crawl, jog, hike, run, skip, hop or jump your mileage. We even allow treadmill exercises, but of course we encourage people to get out and see the planet too, but we understand that the weather can be very cold or too hot in some parts of the world.

Q: Can I submit my race mileage to #earthathon?
A: Absolutely, and let us know about your race in advance. We’ll do our best to cheer you on!

Q: Is there support from other “Earthathoners”?
A: So far. It is pretty awesome to see athletes around the world motivating, encouraging and congratulating each other.

Q: How much does it cost to join?
A: 1 post and 1 tweet…That’s it. Post and Tweet your next run to #earthathon and you are on the team. So what are you waiting for… Go Run :)

earthathonrelay.com/run <---ENTER "run" HERE

25,000-mile "Relay Around The Earth"