Earthathon News

As you know, the #earthathon relay is off to a great start. We have over 150 “Earthathoners” and we seem to be adding new runners daily.

We started the Inaugural 1st lap of the EARTHATHON RELAY as “One Team, One Planet”. But as our running group continues to grow, it will eventually become necessary to create multiple running teams.

Here is what I propose:

1.) We finish what we’ve started. Let’s run 25,000-miles together around the earth.

2.) This Earthathon concept/idea really was never meant to be a competition. Everyone is a winner in my opinion, but to keep things interesting let’s add a little bit of “friendly competition”.

3.) As we finish this 1st lap, I’ve been keeping track of individual miles and will prepare an Earthathon virtual medal count for all Gold, Silver, Bronze and Finisher awards (virtual because I can’t afford to make real medals for everyone). So virtual/digital it is for now. I will decide how many Gold, Silver and Bronze medals to award. This may vary, but just so you know, I am probably going to give out 5 Gold, 10 Silver and 15 Bronze awards.

earthathon medals

4.) After we finish this current relay, we will prepare to start a second relay but this time as a relay race. That’s right, I want to try to run around the earth again, but with 2 or more teams racing against each other. But to keep the “One Team, One Planet” theme, I propose that the team(s) that finish first, keeps running and help the other teams finish more quickly until every team is done. Then we collectively forget about all this separate team “mumbo-jumbo” and we ALL celebrate having completed multiple Earthathon laps…And everyone gets credit for participation in all of the laps. So if someday we have 10 teams, when we are done, we will ALL be celebrating having run around the earth 10 times!!! That’s 250,000-miles. Dream big, right? Depending upon how many runners we have to start this race concept, I’d like to split up into teams of approximately 100 minimum at the start of the next relay race. You can decide which team to join. Each team will have a team leader/motivator. How will we select the new team leader/motivator?

5.) Pass the Baton – I will be sending out an official #earthathon baton to each Earthathon runner. If you wish to be a team leader/motivator next Earthathon you will need to start leading and motivating people now, please pass the official Earthathon baton to a new runner after each run you complete, or use any other method of inviting and encouraging new runners to join the #earthathon relay.

earthathon baton

You’ll have to let me know if you’ve invited someone who eventually joins the relay as I won’t be able to follow all of that as well as the stats for the relay race.

Please also let me know your ideas. There are a lot of great people on this relay team and I will always listen to your recommendations and try to make this as fun and social of an event as possible.

MY GOAL FOR EARTHATHON – I’ve been trying to motivate and encourage others to Go Run :) for quite awhile now. So I really hope that this Earthathon Relay event will be a successful motivator for people to exercise on a regular basis, whether it be running, jogging, hiking or walking. It will all contribute to your own better health and fitness, and you will also be a part of a unique running community that supports each other and their accomplishments, no matter how big or small. Thank you “Earthathoners” who have helped build this great community. You know who you are.

Have a great day!!! Please feel free to leave your comments below.

Go Run :)