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Earthathon 2015 Team Sign-Ups

The EARTHATHON 2015 TEAMS sign-up form is live and we have many people signing up already! It should be a fun and exciting relay!

Sign up at

And if you are new to the relay planning to run in 2015, why not post your running to help us finish 2014!

Here is where you will post your running for 2014 and 2015 running The super secret pass code is all lower case, 3 letters, “run”.

Below is a draft list of the team names. This is not an automated spreadsheet, I’ll add names here manually so don’t expect the form above to directly enter you onto this spreadsheet. The names in black are locked in with their team, the names in red have selected “Add me to a team where I am needed most”. If you are in red and are happy with where I’ve placed you, please sign-up again for that team and I will turn it black. All red names might shift around up until the race starts in early 2015.

You will see that some of the co-leader positions have not been filled and show up blank. Perhaps these teams need YOUR HELP. Get on one of these teams, help your team captain to recruit runners and in return, maybe your team captain will promote you to be a co-leader. In fact in order to give everyone a chance to lead, I am giving each team captain the ability to expand their leadership team to 5, so there will be 4 co-leaders per team. Let’s get some great running teams formed and ready to roll for this #earthathon relay race coming soon in 2015!!! Remember One Team, One Planet! Everyone wins!! Go Run :)

Go Run :)

Official “Earthathon” Baton

Below you will find the Official “Earthathon” Baton…

earthathon batonFeel free to copy this picture, save it to your computer or smartphone and include it on your next tweet!!!

Here is an example tweet from @GoRunHappy ‘s first official #earthathon baton pass to @KCSamanthaGreen:

official earthathon baton pass tweet example

Get creative with it!  Share this or create your own!  Have fun, run safe and good luck in the relay!!!

Go Run :)