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I still can’t believe that we finished the 2014 #earthathon relay by the end of the year!!! So awesome! Every mile ran was equally as important to make that happen, so thank you to each and every one who participated.

And NOW we are all buzzing about the #earthathon 2015 relay race!!!

Are you ready to get started?

Since it is a race, here are some rules:
1.) You may only post miles or km after they have been ran, walked, hiked or jogged, and they must be true distances to the best of your knowledge. You are now on the #earthathon “honor system”. Please raise your right hand and repeat after me… just kidding I trust you guys.

2.) No running prior to 1/1/2015 will be eligible. If you see the baton early and it is 12/31/2014 in the timezone where you are, you will need to wait to run. Again… the #earthathon “honor system”.

3.) Any new runner signing up in the first week, from 1/1 thru 1/7, may post ALL of their running distances for that first week. But after the first week, new runners will only be allowed to “back log” a maximum of 1-week prior to joining.

4.) You may post running that you forgot to post for whatever reason at any time. But the miles must be eligible. Again… the #earthathon “honor system”.

5.) You must sign up for a team to participate. SIGN UP HERE And continue to use the Google Webform at and for now the password is the same “run”.

A quick note:
Individual statistics will be kept for all earthathoners, and it will be sorted by individual distance. But there will not be a separate leaders list for each team, just one big list for all earthathoners.

Also, I will update the FAQ when I get around to it. Until then, please ask me questions on twitter.

THE RACE WILL START VERY SOON… I will send out the official #earthathon relay baton to each team leader. Once you see this baton show up on twitter, you may start logging any miles ran after 1/1/2015. It may be a little bit crazy at the start, so please be patient with the spreadsheet updates and my record keeping. I will try update the stats about once a day throughout the relay.

Okay so watch for the baton, have a safe and Happy New Year! Cheers :)

Go Run:)