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I still can’t believe that we finished the 2014 #earthathon relay by the end of the year!!! So awesome! Every mile ran was equally as important to make that happen, so thank you to each and every one who participated.

And NOW we are all buzzing about the #earthathon 2015 relay race!!!

Are you ready to get started?

Since it is a race, here are some rules:
1.) You may only post miles or km after they have been ran, walked, hiked or jogged, and they must be true distances to the best of your knowledge. You are now on the #earthathon “honor system”. Please raise your right hand and repeat after me… just kidding I trust you guys.

2.) No running prior to 1/1/2015 will be eligible. If you see the baton early and it is 12/31/2014 in the timezone where you are, you will need to wait to run. Again… the #earthathon “honor system”.

3.) Any new runner signing up in the first week, from 1/1 thru 1/7, may post ALL of their running distances for that first week. But after the first week, new runners will only be allowed to “back log” a maximum of 1-week prior to joining.

4.) You may post running that you forgot to post for whatever reason at any time. But the miles must be eligible. Again… the #earthathon “honor system”.

5.) You must sign up for a team to participate. SIGN UP HERE And continue to use the Google Webform at and for now the password is the same “run”.

A quick note:
Individual statistics will be kept for all earthathoners, and it will be sorted by individual distance. But there will not be a separate leaders list for each team, just one big list for all earthathoners.

Also, I will update the FAQ when I get around to it. Until then, please ask me questions on twitter.

THE RACE WILL START VERY SOON… I will send out the official #earthathon relay baton to each team leader. Once you see this baton show up on twitter, you may start logging any miles ran after 1/1/2015. It may be a little bit crazy at the start, so please be patient with the spreadsheet updates and my record keeping. I will try update the stats about once a day throughout the relay.

Okay so watch for the baton, have a safe and Happy New Year! Cheers :)

Go Run:)

Earthathon 2015 Team Sign-Ups

The EARTHATHON 2015 TEAMS sign-up form is live and we have many people signing up already! It should be a fun and exciting relay!

Sign up at

And if you are new to the relay planning to run in 2015, why not post your running to help us finish 2014!

Here is where you will post your running for 2014 and 2015 running The super secret pass code is all lower case, 3 letters, “run”.

Below is a draft list of the team names. This is not an automated spreadsheet, I’ll add names here manually so don’t expect the form above to directly enter you onto this spreadsheet. The names in black are locked in with their team, the names in red have selected “Add me to a team where I am needed most”. If you are in red and are happy with where I’ve placed you, please sign-up again for that team and I will turn it black. All red names might shift around up until the race starts in early 2015.

You will see that some of the co-leader positions have not been filled and show up blank. Perhaps these teams need YOUR HELP. Get on one of these teams, help your team captain to recruit runners and in return, maybe your team captain will promote you to be a co-leader. In fact in order to give everyone a chance to lead, I am giving each team captain the ability to expand their leadership team to 5, so there will be 4 co-leaders per team. Let’s get some great running teams formed and ready to roll for this #earthathon relay race coming soon in 2015!!! Remember One Team, One Planet! Everyone wins!! Go Run :)

Go Run :)

Earthathon 2015 – Exciting News

EARTHATHON 2015: 10 teams will be running in a 25,000-mile Earthathon Relay all around the earth and they will combine to complete a 250,000-mile relay consisting of running, hiking, jogging and walking.

Some interesting #earthathon stats for you to consider:

1 #earthathon lap is 25,000-miles and is approximately the circumference of the earth
10 #earthathon laps is 250,000-miles and is approximately the distance to the moon (a new hashtag #moonathon has been mentioned)

So while we are running this epic relay race, with 10 teams running all around the globe, we will combine our efforts so that everyone wins! Remember… One Team, One Planet. After a team finishes, they help other teams finish, and then when the final team crosses the line, we all will celebrate finishing one big relay!

We are planning the race now. There is a 5 step plan…

Step 1: 10 Team captains will be selected <---DONE Step 2: Team captains will select team names <---DONE Step 3: Team captains will invite 4 runners to join them, to help motivate, inspire and run, these 5 will lead the team <---IN PROGRESS Step 4: All other runners will pick a team, and we will tweet #earthathon and a second hashtag of the #teamname after each leg of the relay <---JOIN A TEAM NOW

Step 5: As new runners join the relay they will pick a team or say “add me to a team where I am needed most” to balance out the teams

And that’s the plan to launch the Earthathon Relay for 2015!!! Stay tuned for updates. We hope to create a fun and positive atmosphere that encourages, motivates and inspires people to stay active throughout the coming year. Make your new year’s resolution to be a part of this amazing team.

Go Team Earthathon!!! Go Run :)

Everything Changes 12-13-14

As you know there are hundreds of runners participating in the #earthathon running relay, and if you thought there was some huge company with lots of dollars at their disposal to build expensive apps and fancy software, well you’d be wrong. It’s just me, Go Run :)

I have put in a ton of effort into this #earthathon relay and I plan to continue to do so. But I NEED your help.

I am having difficulty keeping up with entering in all of your running. I have been diligently entering all of your running stats into a Google Spreadsheet using a Google Form. But now I need you to do it.

I said “Everything Changes 12-13-14” because on Saturday, December 13, 2014, I will REQUIRE that you post your #earthathon running distance into this Google Form or it will not get counted. If you are anxious to start, please go ahead and start using this Google Form now. Any run already posted today or prior to today, 12-4-14, I may have already entered or will pick up soon, so don’t go backward, go forward. And if you do try the form, that would be great, and let me know your feedback in advance of the full 12-13-14 launch.

It is actually a very simple form to use. If you make a mistake, don’t worry, I can fix it, just let me know. The form is available at and you will need a secret code. I pass protected the form to hopefully prevent it from being hacked and throwing off our stats. The secret code is all lower case, it is “___”. It’s a three letter word and is at a little faster pace than a jog. Next time you are out for a run think about it and I am sure you will guess it. Good luck figuring it out on your next run. If for some reason the pass code needs to change (hopefully it won’t), I will post a picture of the word to the twitter Photos on @earthathon. I’ll post the current three letter word pass code there too, just in case you haven’t guessed it yet. If you scroll down, its also written secretly on an image on this post. Please feel free to tell people where to look for this password, but don’t share it with any robots, spambots, or hackers as it may compromise the security of our running data.

If for some reason you are unable to submit your running using this form (ie no internet, travelling, browser glitch, etc.), just tweet your run to #earthathon and ask someone else to post it for you. There are a lot of helpful people on our team, and I can almost guarantee you that someone will help you. I know I’d be happy to help. But anyone on the team can easily “step up” and reply letting you know they will take care of it for you. If you guys can help me with this, it will save me so much time and I will really appreciate it.

We will continue to tweet our running to #earthathon. This is very important in my opinion. It keeps you and your running efforts “visible” to our #earthathon running community. And new runners will be encouraged to join simply by tweeting in their running distance in miles or km to #earthathon. I will communicate with new runners how to enter future running using the Google Form.

Hopefully this Google Form idea will work, because I am also planning for a second #earthathon relay where we will race in teams and we will need to use a similar form. If you haven’t heard about this 2nd relay “race” yet, please read about it HERE.

Have a great day!!!

Go Run :)


Earthathon News – What is all the Bling?

By now you’ve probably noticed the #earthathon medals artwork floating around on the internet. A little bling goes a long way, it has generated quite a bit of buzz. Here it is again in case you missed it.

earthathon medals

First of all, it is very important for all #earthathon runners to know that the medals are “virtual”. If there is enough interest in purchasing an actual medal, I may consider working with a running medal company to have these custom made. But for now, these are “virtual” medals, and if in the future the medals do become available, I’ll do my best to let you know and you can consider whether or not to purchase. The #earthathon relay is free to join, and there is no obligation to buy medals or any other merchandise.

The goal of #earthathon is to motivate and promote better health and fitness. I want new runners in the #earthathon relay to have a fair chance to “earn” a medal. So, anyone who logs at least 26.2-miles gets a medal! For now, we will refer to this medal as the “earthathon medal”. This can be broken up any which way you want. Even if you go out walking 1-mile at a time for 25 days, and then run a blistering 1.2 mile finish on the 26th, you’ve earned it. It’s totally up to you.

Regarding the gold, silver, and bronze medals…well, this is a bit more competitive. But still it is difficult for late entries to “catch up” with runners who started in the first few weeks of the relay. After we finish, you will be able to see what position you ended up in. You can be proud of that statistic. For example you can say, that “I finished 15th in the earthathon relay for most miles”, or whatever the case may be. But as far as the medals are concerned, I think I will make these based upon effort, not your position relative to other runners. So here is what I’m thinking, and again it’s all based upon the marathon distance, 26.2-miles.

If you run 5x the “earthathon medal”, or the equivalent of 5 marathons, you receive an “earthathon bronze medal”. That’s 131-miles. (this is approximately 0.5% of the relay)

If you run 10x the “earthathon medal”, or the equivalent of 10 marathons, you receive an “earthathon silver medal”. That’s 262-miles. (this is approximately 1.0% of the relay)

If you run 20x the “earthathon medal”, or the equivalent of 20 marathons, you receive an “earthathon gold medal”. That’s 524-miles. (this is approximately 2.0% of the relay)

Everyone is on the honor system, so please don’t just decide one day to tweet “524 miles to #earthathon” just so you can get an “earthathon gold medal”.

And if the number of runners grows so fast during a relay event that these milestones simply cannot be met by any runners, I will adjust the medals to give out a minimum of 5 gold, 10 silver, and 15 bronze.

And remember, “it’s not a competition”. We are all on the same team! Everybody wins! Motivate each other. Go out of your way to make someone else’s day. Recognize their running accomplishments big or small. Show them a unique running team where everyone cares. That in my opinion is what #earthathon is all about.

Go Run :)

Earthathon News

As you know, the #earthathon relay is off to a great start. We have over 150 “Earthathoners” and we seem to be adding new runners daily.

We started the Inaugural 1st lap of the EARTHATHON RELAY as “One Team, One Planet”. But as our running group continues to grow, it will eventually become necessary to create multiple running teams.

Here is what I propose:

1.) We finish what we’ve started. Let’s run 25,000-miles together around the earth.

2.) This Earthathon concept/idea really was never meant to be a competition. Everyone is a winner in my opinion, but to keep things interesting let’s add a little bit of “friendly competition”.

3.) As we finish this 1st lap, I’ve been keeping track of individual miles and will prepare an Earthathon virtual medal count for all Gold, Silver, Bronze and Finisher awards (virtual because I can’t afford to make real medals for everyone). So virtual/digital it is for now. I will decide how many Gold, Silver and Bronze medals to award. This may vary, but just so you know, I am probably going to give out 5 Gold, 10 Silver and 15 Bronze awards.

earthathon medals

4.) After we finish this current relay, we will prepare to start a second relay but this time as a relay race. That’s right, I want to try to run around the earth again, but with 2 or more teams racing against each other. But to keep the “One Team, One Planet” theme, I propose that the team(s) that finish first, keeps running and help the other teams finish more quickly until every team is done. Then we collectively forget about all this separate team “mumbo-jumbo” and we ALL celebrate having completed multiple Earthathon laps…And everyone gets credit for participation in all of the laps. So if someday we have 10 teams, when we are done, we will ALL be celebrating having run around the earth 10 times!!! That’s 250,000-miles. Dream big, right? Depending upon how many runners we have to start this race concept, I’d like to split up into teams of approximately 100 minimum at the start of the next relay race. You can decide which team to join. Each team will have a team leader/motivator. How will we select the new team leader/motivator?

5.) Pass the Baton – I will be sending out an official #earthathon baton to each Earthathon runner. If you wish to be a team leader/motivator next Earthathon you will need to start leading and motivating people now, please pass the official Earthathon baton to a new runner after each run you complete, or use any other method of inviting and encouraging new runners to join the #earthathon relay.

earthathon baton

You’ll have to let me know if you’ve invited someone who eventually joins the relay as I won’t be able to follow all of that as well as the stats for the relay race.

Please also let me know your ideas. There are a lot of great people on this relay team and I will always listen to your recommendations and try to make this as fun and social of an event as possible.

MY GOAL FOR EARTHATHON – I’ve been trying to motivate and encourage others to Go Run :) for quite awhile now. So I really hope that this Earthathon Relay event will be a successful motivator for people to exercise on a regular basis, whether it be running, jogging, hiking or walking. It will all contribute to your own better health and fitness, and you will also be a part of a unique running community that supports each other and their accomplishments, no matter how big or small. Thank you “Earthathoners” who have helped build this great community. You know who you are.

Have a great day!!! Please feel free to leave your comments below.

Go Run :)

Official “Earthathon” Baton

Below you will find the Official “Earthathon” Baton…

earthathon batonFeel free to copy this picture, save it to your computer or smartphone and include it on your next tweet!!!

Here is an example tweet from @GoRunHappy ‘s first official #earthathon baton pass to @KCSamanthaGreen:

official earthathon baton pass tweet example

Get creative with it!  Share this or create your own!  Have fun, run safe and good luck in the relay!!!

Go Run :)