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EARTHATHON is a 25,000-mile running relay.

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We successfully finished running the Inaugural 1st Lap on December 30, 2014,it was just a quick virtual spin around the approximate circumference of the earth. That’s right, one lap was the entire relay consisting of 25,000 happy miles.

The much anticipated EARTHATHON 2018 RELAY RACE will consist of 10 teams competing to complete the 1st lap, but here’s the awesome part about the #earthathon. Everybody wins! After the 1st team finishes they will join other teams to help them also finish. And when the 10th team finishes, we will all celebrate having finished a MASSIVE 250,000-mile relay all around the earth! We are hoping to finish the relay in 2018, but we are dedicated and will finish this relay no matter how long it takes! So get involved and help us accomplish something BIG!!! Join the Relay, Join the Fun!!!

Because the relay utilizes twitter and the hashtag #earthathon, you can follow the race by searching for that hashtag. Also search for each of the team names using their team name hashtag. And more importantly you will notice that “Earthathoners” are located internationally around the globe. With runners from across the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Finland, throughout Europe, Brazil, South Africa, India, Indonesia, Japan, Philippines, New Zealand, Australia and more. This makes makes the EARTHATHON RELAY truly unique in that it is really being ran virtually all around the earth. Click Here to See the Map

Earthathon Map

Don’t delay, start today. Go Run :)

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25,000-mile "Relay Around The Earth"